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POS/Mgmt System

SBC Enterprise offers you more than flexibility. Its features include the most advanced Inventory Control and Purchasing software in the industry! You run the company the way you want.

Digital Marketing with WIPIT

Powerful marketing enhances Web Internet Presence In Total. Now you can be there for your customer, in their face and ready to fill their needs! 


Dynamic selection of eCommerce Products that can exponentially invigorate your bottom line. From online shopping, BI, delivery, sales, and CRM++: we have it for you!

The SBC Enterprise Management system

Designed for your business – from one location or 300 locations, the SBC Enterprise has it all.

Point - of - Sale

  • View any desired fields from Inventory, e.g. quantity on hand, quantity on order, date of last order, selected price fields, selected sales, history, part related notes.
  • View any desired fields from A/R.
  • If multi-store, view desired fields from other locations.
  • Search customer records by account number, name, and phone number.
  • Search for part numbers by the number without the MFG code, by the description, by the UPC code, etc.
  • Special pricing by quantity, by assortment, by promo pricing by date, by price matrix, by the part-by customer, by product category-by customer, etc.
  • Sell and return parts on the same invoice.
  • Ability to customize types of transactions, e.g., a buy-out sale and a buy-out return.
  • Ability to track lost sales and customer backorders.
  • Track parts by date, invoice #, customer #
  • Ability to put a ticket on hold – retrieve and add to or finalize.


  • EDI Compatible.
  • Automatically create an order based on a sales history formula, on an order point, or by applying both and ordering the greater quantity.
  • Sales history can be in weeks, months, quarters, and/or years. The number of sales periods can be weighted.
  • On a multi-store system: after a worksheet is created for one store, automatically print an over-stock report for the items on the order at all of the stores to allow stock balancing.
  • On a multi-store system: the ability to create a single order with consolidated needs of multiple stores.
  • On a multi-store system: the ability to create separate orders for each location by running a single PO create a job.


  • The inventory file can be customized to meet each new customer’s needs.
  • The number of price fields is “unlimited.”
  • The amount of sales history to be tracked can be customized.
  • The number of cost fields can be customized.
  • On a multi-store system: quantities can be totaled to provide a company overview.
  • Items can be coded and categorized for pricing and sales analysis.
  • Quantity on Hand history tracks every action that affects quantity on hand, providing an easily accessible audit trail.

eCommerce Solutions

Our eCommerce products are a smart solution for any business.

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Empower your contractors to order online anytime, anywhere! Give customers direct order access to your store right from their job site!

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GPS-enabled online hotshot delivery software provides signature capture and complete reporting.

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 online document and invoice system increases efficiency and promotes CRM.

Designed to effectively verify orders via scanning barcodes before they are shipped or delivered. A verifier can scan and verify invoices and all parts being shipped and delivered. From the time the invoice is scanned a picker retrieves all parts than scans and verifies with items ordered.

The most complete BI and CRM tool. Game changing benefits for your business and entire Sales staff. Have all your customer information at your finger tips, check stock, quote prices, and much more, with real time direct connection to your management system.

Motivate and incentivize your counter staff with business intelligence and CRM you can empower your Counter Staff to be the best of the best. An interactive sales dashboard for quick viewing which provides a 360-degree view of key performance indicators, sales goals, customer information, and buying trends.

Refreshed business analysis each day. Eliminate the guesswork in your business decisions by utilizing the NEW Power BI. View business operations daily with our win-the-day-dashboard

Scan receipts, track expenses and generate reports giving your sales force time to do what they do best: SELL

Web Internet presence in total

An all-inclusive program that focuses on every aspect of online marketing. Drives customers to your business!

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  • Plan overall concept for the new website.
  • Suggest incorporation of company branding.
  • Layout of site map.
  • Include latest user-experience design components.
  • Include responsive mobile design.
  • Create and build company social media pages e.g. Facebook, instagram and twitter.
  • Optimize for brand consistency and engagement.
  • Assist to design custom graphics for each of your social media platforms.
  • Create unique Google AdWords account for your website domain
  • Connect your business to GoogleMyBusiness
  • Help to develop comprehensive keyword list and adwords (one time)
  • “Employment” page and form.
  • Content migration of complex data from previous website.
  • “Event” and “Calendar.”
  • Multiple Location locator.
  • Changes to website.
  • Domain Registration recovery & transfer.
  • Pay-per-click campaign management.
  • Social media post creation and scheduling.

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