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SBC Solutions (previously Small Business Computer Company) was established in 1977 in Chicago’s Northwest suburbs. The SBC system was one of the original inventory control systems available on the market in the US. In the early 1980’s, SBC was the first ever of the software suppliers (in the automotive industry) to offer Point of Sale invoicing at the counter. SBC was also a trailblazer in multi-location communication.

This allowed multiple locations to have a ‘central server’ instead of hosting individual systems in each store. Very early on, SBC expanded from only servicing the automotive industry to adding the architectural paint industry division. SBC, in its 40+ year history, has serviced every single paint manufacturer save Sherwin Williams. 

Our Culture

SBC Solutions designs software and products that feature inventory and purchasing control, pricing flexibility, accounts receivable management, security, and multi-location data collections. The system can run on a local PC/Server as well as in a cloud hosted environment. 

One current SBC employee jokes, when on vacation with my family, my (SBC employee) father would point out, “We have a customer in that town” in almost every single town we passed, from Northern Illinois all the way to Miami, Florida. 


About the company

The office eventually settled in Northbrook, IL in the early ’80s, where it still resides to this day. SBC Solutions was purchased by Autologue Computer Systems in 2010. This allowed SBC to enhance its software with a family of eProducts. SBC continues to be one of the most highly sought-after software products available for the automotive and paint industry today.


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